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Rocío Del Águila

Founder & Director

José Enrique Navarro

Co-founder and Art Director

After writing food-related academic articles and working in community-based film in Latin America, Chío realized that her heart was in the kitchen of her home, wherever that might be. With this in mind, she created Migrant Kitchens. While participating in and cooking for a social-impact project, she realized that she wanted to develop the project as a pedagogical tool. This project synthesizes her interests about food, cooking, and social justice. 

José Enrique is a professor of literature and visual culture who has a passion for comics. In this project he is in charge of all visuals other than videos, social media, writing, and of the legal and financial paperwork. 

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Travis McCarty

Photography & Edition Director

Travis is a video journalist with a background in Anthropology and Spanish. He works for KAKE News in Wichita, Kansas. and has a couple years of experience behind the cameras. He has worked as a freelance video editor for several independent projects.

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Elizabeth Harp

Executive Assistant & Communications 

Ellie is a Spanish and Education student that works as the executive assistant to the project. She has always been interested in traveling and learning about different cultures. She is in charge of all written communications, translations and publicity materials, both in English and in Spanish, and also supports with logistics. 

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